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Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Sam Edelman Lorissa

Its so hard to get Sam Edelman Lorissa Heels in Germany for less than 200 Bucks..
If there were some of them then you have to pay about 40$ for international shipping -.- The only altenative I*ve found yet was the "Forget my boyfriend" Heels from Nelly.com.

But 14cm Heel Height? WTF? I*got 2 pairs of Heels which have the same height but i*ve never worn them cause they do not fit in my daily life (university,work,shopping...).But hey the ppl from nelly.com seem to read my mind cause now they just brought out the same shoes with a height of 10cm. YAYYYY.. i know OF COURSE they look less sexy than the others but i think im gonna wear them for everything ..even for bringing out the trash cause they look soooooooooo comfortable hahaha :)) *JOKE*...so to cut a long story short:they are ordered!!! :-)

PS:They rather remind me of the Sam Edelman Roza :-)


  1. ich mag die 10cm hohen Schuhe überhaupt nicht aber dafür finde ich die höheren um so schöner :)


  2. ja die hohen sehen schon super sexy aus aber ich denke ich werde sie nicht oft tragen können..die "flachen" sehen in real gar nicht schlecht aus ;-)